Many men rely on the convenience and smooth shave that they can get from using one of the best electric shavers. Getting a close shave is easy with the latest features such as self sharpening blades, long lasting batteries and cutting surfaces that adjust to the contours of your face.

The best electric shaver for men models can be divided into 2 main types, foil or rotary. The best one for you will be based mostly on personal preference but there are some advantages to either type of electric razor. It also depends on your hair type and shaving routine.

Electric Foil Shaver

A foil razor uses an oscillating blade, which basically means that it vibrates as it shaves. They have a foil which has very small holes that allow facial hair to go through. Cutters underneath the foil then remove the hair as they oscillate or move back and forth. Some shavers come with double or triple layer foil levels to maximize shaving efficiency. The thinner the foil means the closer the shave you will receive. Many people are in the opinion that foil shavers give the closet shaves. Foil razors are best for those who shave everyday.

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Electric Rotary Shaver

A rotary razor uses rotating cutting heads, usually 3 or 4, to provide the cutting surfaces. The design of a rotary shaver makes it easier to shave difficult areas such as the neck and chin.
Rotary shavers are best for people with thicker hair and who do not shave every day.

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Whether you choose a rotary or foil top rated electric shaver it will take some time for your skin to get used to it. Expect some irritation during the first month or so while your face adjusts to using an electric razor especially if you had always used a manual razor in the past.